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Founded in 1920, Doble offers a comprehensive and extensive scope of diagnostic products and services to test and maintain transformers, bushings, protective relays, circuit breakers, rotating machines and more.

Doble delivers Solutions, Services, Knowledge Community throughout the electric power industry:

  • in-service testing & assessment

  • off-line testing & assessment

  • on-line monitoring

  • consulting & testing services

  • protection

  • enterprise asset management

With more than 400 employees and 5500 customers, offices in eleven countries, and 55 million points of test data for more than 1 million different electric apparatus, Doble is dedicated to helping the global power industry overcome its challenges, no matter how big or how small.

Morgan Schaffer is a global utility solutions provider located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Its solutions are sold in over 90 countries to both electrical utilities with generation and transmission assets and original equipment manufacturers of large transmission transformers.

Founded in 1965, Morgan Schaffer designs, develops, manufactures and markets an integrated offering of dissolved gas analysis (DGA), oil testing, and data management solutions which enhance the ability of electric utilities to accurately monitor the health of critical power transformers.

Morgan Schaffer was the first to develop a commercially available DGA service in North America and further developed a leading expertise in DGA monitoring equipment. Today, Morgan Schaffer markets the most reputable offering of premium DGA equipment, and related software and services for monitoring the health of critical oil-filled transformers.

 ELECTRICAL SUBSTATIONS: Power Substation, Electrical Equipment & Accessories, Installation & Comissioning 

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